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18K Gold Small Twist Ring18K Gold Small Twist Ring
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18K Peridot Ring
18K Peridot Ring Sale price$1,121 Regular price$1,495
18K Gold Twist Ring18K Gold Twist Ring
18K Gold Twist Ring Sale price$1,200
18K Micro Petal Ring18K Micro Petal Ring
18K Micro Petal Ring Sale price$895
Save 25%
Affinity Amethyst Faceted RingAffinity Amethyst Faceted Ring
Affinity Amethyst Faceted Ring Sale price$1,800 Regular price$2,400
18K Marquee Diamond Ring18K Marquee Diamond Ring
18K Marquee Diamond Ring Sale price$4,950
Save 25%
18K Rhodolite Ring18K Rhodolite Ring
18K Rhodolite Ring Sale price$971 Regular price$1,295
18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Blossom Ring
18K Pink Tourmaline, Garnet, and Diamond Ring18K Pink Tourmaline, Garnet, and Diamond Ring
18K Pink Tourmaline 10mm Ring
18K White Gold Teal Tourmaline Brazil Ring
18K White Gold Green Calcite Cabochon Ring
18K Green Tourmaline Oval Ring
18K Affinity Sapphire Ring