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Summer Collection 2024


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Peppercorn Kyanite 8mm Double Strand NecklacePeppercorn Kyanite 8mm Double Strand Necklace
Victoire Aquamarine 4mm Multi-Strand Necklace
Natural Blue Coral Coin 17mm Necklace
Victoire Lapis 10mm Bracelet
Blue and White Ceramic Clay Centerpiece
Nancy Chalcedony NecklaceNancy Chalcedony Necklace
Nancy Chalcedony Necklace Sale price$1,200
Aspen Braided Leather Royal Blue Bracelet
Aspen Braided Leather Royal Blue Necklace
Blue Lace Agate Teardrop Earring Drops
Gold Rush Rhodium Teardrop Necklace
Blue Lapis Long Teardrop Earring Drops
Helen Peru Opal Tumbled Necklace
Helen Peru Opal Necklace Sale price$825
Caspian Argonite, Cosmic White Glass, & Reconstituted Turquoise Necklace
Caspian Aquamarine & African Beryl Necklace
Victoire 16mm Dark Blue Kyanite Necklace
Sold out
Caspian Owyhee Faceted Blue Opal Nugget Necklace
Aquamarine in Orange Calcite Small Centerpiece
Gold Rush Single Strand Necklace
Gold Rush 18" Necklace Sale price$595
Gold Rush Opera Length Necklace
Amazonite Flat Oval Necklace
Sold out
Caspian Amazonite Necklace
Green Cinnabar Carved Floral Fish
Gold Rush Amazonite Oval Double Strand Necklace
Natural Green Emerald Centerpiece
Michel Ombre Chrysocolla 2.5mm Tassel
Large Amazonite Slab Centerpiece
Amazonite Cabochon CenterpieceAmazonite Cabochon Centerpiece
Amazonite & Sterling Silver 10mm Earring DropsAmazonite & Sterling Silver 10mm Earring Drops
Small Oval Kingman Turquoise Nugget Centerpiece
Asian Carved Amazonite 12mm Earring Drops
Victoire Pink Stingray 10mm Earring DropsVictoire Pink Stingray 10mm Earring Drops
Victoire 8mm Pink Rhodochrosite Necklace
Large Hot Pink Stingray Teardrop CenterpieceLarge Hot Pink Stingray Teardrop Centerpiece
Mini Hot Pink Stingray Earring DropsMini Hot Pink Stingray Earring Drops
Red Oval Sonora Sunrise Slab CenterpieceRed Oval Sonora Sunrise Slab Centerpiece
Green Oval Sonora Sunrise Slab Centerpiece
White Dolomite Gunmetal TagWhite Dolomite Gunmetal Tag
Scrimshaw Walrus CenterpieceScrimshaw Walrus Centerpiece
White Mother of Pearl Teardrop Earring Drops
Sold out
Caspian Freshwater Irregular Keshi Pearl Necklace
Nancy White Agate CenterpieceNancy White Agate Centerpiece
Victoire White Agate 14mm Earring Drops
White Dolomite TagWhite Dolomite Tag
White Dolomite Tag Sale price$595
Marbled Howlite Bracelet
Marbled Howlite Bracelet Sale price$195
Caspian Victoire White Agate 16mm Necklace
Black and White Mosaic Earring Drops
Mosaic Earring Drops Sale price$395
Victoire Mohave Purple 7-8mm Stretch Bracelet
Victoire Pink Rhodochrosite 7mm Stretch Bracelet