Sunshine Yellow Italian Glass Diana Centerpiece

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Elevate your collection with this one-of-a-kind Sunshine Yellow Italian Glass Diana Centerpiece.

Set in a 14K gold bezel, this versatile piece offers two looks in one: one side displays the bright yellow glass Diana, the "Goddess of the Hunt", while the other side reverses to a smooth, luminous mother of pearl. This reversible design allows you to easily switch between a bold, colorful statement and a subtle, elegant look.

Crafted from authentic Italian Murano Intaglio glass, this piece is a perfect blend of elegance and artistry. The centerpiece showcases a candy yellow hue, capturing light in a mesmerizing display of color and depth. The intricate intaglio design features a powerful Diana pose expertly etched into the glass to convey a sense of strength and determination.

Our intelligent ClaraClasp™ Collection lets you enjoy the freedom to create your own look by interchanging this magnetic centerpiece with any of our Signature ClaraClasp™ Necklaces.  With limitless possibilities, curate a collection of wearable art that is just for you.

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