Clara Williams x The Little Bee Gem Candles

Clara Williams x The Little Bee Gem Candles

Jewelry For Your Tabletop


This playful collaboration between two creative female minds combines the handcrafted original pure beeswax candle design of La Petite Abeille with the stunning gem colors found in Clara Williams jewelry. Each candle is hand-finished by skilled artisans with our exclusive CWC Signature hot pink glitter highlighting le motif hex.

Meet Ruth- The Founder of La Petite Abeille

Ruth Wilkerson, foundatrice of La Petite Abeille (The Little Bee LLC), has been a professional chandler for more than ten years. The company was born from her love of the beauty of pure beeswax candles, a desire to provide a superior product to upscale markets, and a quest to increase demand for bee products, therefore encouraging more responsible beekeeping which is crucial to our environment.

Q & A with Ruth 

How did this all begin?

Well, first God made the bees...:) then it was really quite simple - I had seen beeswax candles, loved them, and wanted more!

Many years ago, my husband and I were hosting a Christmastime black tie fundraiser at our home and I wanted LOTS of candlelight - beeswax candlelight! I had bought them before in a neighboring town, but I couldn’t find them at the time, so I decided to try making them myself... they turned out disastrous! Then with one son starting school and the younger one napped, the beeswax continued to beckon...hard to believe the year was 2003!

Why candles?

Until that time I never dreamed of starting a beeswax candle company - but since then I dream of them each and every night! Seriously, I think the hexagonal pattern is imprinted on the inside of eyelids!

What is the inspiration behind the name?

I am of French descent on my father’s side - maiden name Surguine, and my father and Grandmother were very influential in my life. I am from Monroe, Louisiana in the northeast part of the state - so not Cajun French, but always loved Louisiana French heritage, New Orleans, and the Napoleonic bee. That’s how the connection was made!

What is your favorite part of the candle making process?

The finishing stage - this is what makes them ours! We love watching the already beautiful beeswax candle take on new life with the addition of our exclusive finishes. It’s the “wow” behind our brand.

What do you call someone who makes candles?

A chandler is a person who makes and sells candles :)

Why a collaboration with Clara Williams - a jewelry company?

When Clara called with the idea, I loved what she and her team saw in our product. It was a completely different perspective for us. Like gorgeous jewelry can make an outfit, the finest quality beeswax candles can make a tabletop - “jewelry for the table”! We share so many of the same customers in the quality-driven-luxury market, and we’re excited by this collaboration!

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