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Victoire Amethyst 12mm Earring DropsVictoire Amethyst 12mm Earring Drops
Victoire Peach 12mm Earring DropsVictoire Peach 12mm Earring Drops
Mini Deco Tiger's Eye Earring DropsMini Deco Tiger's Eye Earring Drops
Mini Hot Pink Stingray Earring DropsMini Hot Pink Stingray Earring Drops
Mini Black Stingray DropMini Black Stingray Drop
Mini Black Stingray Drop Sale price$595
Mini White Coffee Stingray Earring DropsMini White Coffee Stingray Earring Drops
Mini Bubblegum Stingray Earring DropsMini Bubblegum Stingray Earring Drops
Solo Pearl 12-14mm Earring DropsSolo Pearl 12-14mm Earring Drops
Victoire Pink Stingray 10mm Earring DropsVictoire Pink Stingray 10mm Earring Drops
Helen Citrine Teardrop Earring DropsHelen Citrine Teardrop Earring Drops
Victoire Lepidolite 10mm Earring DropsVictoire Lepidolite 10mm Earring Drops
Mini Kiwi Stingray Earring DropsMini Kiwi Stingray Earring Drops
Carved Green Jade 12mm Earring Drops
Lapis Tonneau Cabochon Drops
Vintage Blue Glass Reflector Earring DropsVintage Blue Glass Reflector Earring Drops
Aquamarine 20mm Earring Drops
Black Mother of Pearl Square Cabochon 8mm Earring DropsBlack Mother of Pearl Square Cabochon 8mm Earring Drops
Vaporized Black Druzy Oval Earring DropsVaporized Black Druzy Oval Earring Drops
Black Onyx 16mm Teardrop Earring Drops
Gold Rush Earring DropsGold Rush Earring Drops
Gold Rush Earring Drops Sale price$275
Amazonite 22mm Thin Teardrop Earring Drops
Vintage Pink Glass Earring Drops
Asian Carved Amazonite 12mm Earring Drops
Victoire Orange Stingray 10mm Earring Drops
Mother of Pearl Long White 40mm Earring Drops
Freshwater White Pearl Round 10mm Earring Drops
Aquamarine 20mm Flat Teardrop Earring Drops
Asian Carved Yellow Jade Round 13mm Earring Drops
Platinum Druzy Wing Earring DropsPlatinum Druzy Wing Earring Drops
Freshwater White Baroque Pearl 18-19mm Drops
Teardrop Scrimshaw Lighthouse Earring Drops
Victoire Reconstituted Turquoise 12mm Earring Drops
Amazonite 10mm Earring DropsAmazonite & Sterling Silver 10mm Earring Drops
Larimar Oval Cabochon Earring DropsLarimar Oval Cabochon Earring Drops
14K White Gold Mini Marquee Diamond Earring Drops14K White Gold Mini Marquee Diamond Earring Drops
18K Mini Seaside Earring Dropsa woman is talking on her cell phone
18K Candy Aquamarine & Diamond Teardrop Earring Drops18K Candy Aquamarine & Diamond Teardrop Earring Drops
Blue Lace Agate Teardrop Earring Drops
White Mother of Pearl Teardrop Earring Drops
Blue Lapis Long Teardrop Earring Drops
Victoire White Agate 14mm Earring Drops
18K Chrysoprase, Opal, & Diamond Drops
18K Peridot & Opal Stone Drops
Small Pink Cobaltoan Calcite Druzy Earring DropsSmall Pink Cobaltoan Calcite Druzy Earring Drops
Black and White Mosaic Earring Drops
Mosaic Earring Drops Sale price$395
Black Jadeite Teardrop Earring Drops
Aquamarine 24.5mm Thin Teardrop Earring Drops
Golden Hill Turquoise Elongated Teardrop DropsGolden Hill Turquoise Elongated Teardrop Drops