Spring 2024


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Victoire Aquamarine 12mm Stretch Bracelet
Blue Apatite Flat Oval Necklace
Blue Apatite Flat Oval Centerpiece
Lapis Tumbled Oval Necklace
Tumbled Lapis Necklace Sale price$525
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Shattuckite Rectangle CenterpieceShattuckite Rectangle Centerpiece
Victoire Blue Kyanite 9mm Double Strand Necklace
Victoire Kyanite 20mm Centerpiece
Victoire Medium Blue Kyanite 9mm Stretch Bracelet
Victoire Aquamarine 8mm Double Strand Necklace
Blue and White Barrel Ceramic Centerpiece
Blue Beryl Oval Centerpiece
Kyanite Barrel Necklace
Kyanite Barrel Necklace Sale price$995
Victoire Blue Lace Agate 20mm Necklace
Sold out
Caspian Kyanite & Angelite Necklace
Sold out
Caspian Aquamarine & Turquoise Necklace
Freshwater Gray Baroque Pearl Necklace
Gold Rush Morganite Nugget Double Strand Necklace
Pink Beryl Oval Centerpiece
Classic Pearl Opera NecklaceClassic Pearl Opera Necklace
Irregular White Baroque Pearl NecklaceIrregular White Baroque Pearl Necklace
Sold out
Caspian Indigo & White Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace
Scrimshaw Whale CenterpieceScrimshaw Whale Centerpiece
Scrimshaw Whale Centerpiece Sale price$1,295
Freshwater Small Irregular Peacock Pearl Double Strand Necklace
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White and Gray Spiral Shell Tag
Nancy K2 Blue Azurite Multi-Strand Necklace
Victoire K2 Blue Azurite 12mm Necklace
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Wild Horse Turquoise Teardrop Cabochon CenterpieceWild Horse Turquoise Teardrop Cabochon Centerpiece
Victoire Moonstone 14mm NecklaceTemple 22K Krishna Centerpiece
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Classic Bumble Bee Brown Italian Glass CenterpieceClassic Bumble Bee Brown Italian Glass Centerpiece
Aspen Leather Lemon Yellow Necklace
Aspen Leather Lemon Yellow BraceletAspen Leather Lemon Yellow Bracelet
Caspian Victoire Lemon Jade 12mm Necklace
Caspian Faceted Green Garnet Necklace
Aspen Braided Leather Watermelon Pink BraceletAspen Braided Leather Watermelon Pink Bracelet
Caspian Rose Quartz Rondelle Necklace
Mini Bubblegum Stingray Earring DropsMini Bubblegum Stingray Earring Drops
Mini Stingray Bubblegum Gunmetal Centerpiece
Victoire Reconstituted Peach Coral 20mm Necklace
Victoire Moss Agate 8mm Double Strand Necklace
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Tibetan Treasure Turquoise & Red Coral Bead Centerpiece
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Caspian Kunzite, Moonstone, & Tourmaline Necklace
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Caspian Victoire Rose Quartz & Pink Coral Necklace
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Ruby Zoisite Teardrop CenterpieceRuby Zoisite Teardrop Centerpiece
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Caspian Peach Moonstone Rondelle Necklace
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Large Copper Plum Agate Shield CenterpieceLarge Copper Plum Agate Shield Centerpiece
Aspen Braided Leather Almond NecklaceAspen Braided Leather Almond Necklace
Aspen Braided Leather Almond Bracelet
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Copper Plum Agate Wide Shield CenterpieceCopper Plum Agate Wide Shield Centerpiece