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14K Filigree Gold Thread Earrings14K Filigree Gold Thread Earrings
14K Gold & Pearl Thread Earrings14K Gold & Pearl Thread Earrings
14K Filigree White Gold Thread Earrings14K Filigree White Gold Thread Earrings
Twisted Hoop EarringsTwisted Hoop Earrings
Twisted Hoop Earrings Sale price$495
Mini Twisted Hoop EarringsMini Twisted Hoop Earrings
18K White Gold & Diamond Hoops18K White Gold & Diamond Hoops
Mini Orbit 14K YG EarringsMini Orbit 14K YG Earrings
Micro Carved Knot Reconstituted Turquoise EarringsMicro Carved Knot Reconstituted Turquoise Earrings
18K White Gold Mini Blossom Sapphire Earrings18K White Gold Mini Blossom Sapphire Earrings
Italian Glass Peridot Sail Boat EarringsItalian Glass Peridot Sail Boat Earrings
14K Aspen Huggie Earrings14K Aspen Huggie Earrings
14K Aspen Huggie Earrings Sale price$1,800
Lumiere Red Garnet Earrings
Italian Glass Lavender Sail Boat EarringsItalian Glass Lavender Sail Boat Earrings
Vintage Blue Glass Reflector EarringsVintage Blue Glass Reflector Earrings
Lumiere Peridot Earrings
Lumiere Peridot Earrings Sale price$1,600
Freshwater Potato Pearl EarringsFreshwater Potato Pearl Earrings
14K Orbit Earrings14K Orbit Earrings
14K Orbit Earrings Sale price$1,495
Large 18K White Gold & Diamond HoopsLarge 18K White Gold & Diamond Hoops
14K and Diamond Filigree Gold Thread Earrings14K and Diamond Filigree Gold Thread Earrings
14K White Gold and Diamond Filigree Gold Thread Earrings
18K Micro Petal Earrings18K Micro Petal Earrings
Lumiere Pink Topaz Oval Earrings
Freshwater White Round 10mm Pearl Earrings
18K Micro Filigree Hook Earrings18K Micro Filigree Hook Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Scarab Earrings14K Yellow Gold Scarab Earrings
18K White Topaz Oval Earrings18K White Topaz Oval Earrings
Lumiere Peridot Round 8mm Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Large Blossom Earrings18K Yellow Gold Large Blossom Earrings
Classic Cherub Lilac Italian Glass EarringsClassic Cherub Lilac Italian Glass Earrings
18K Yellow Gold Mini Blossom Earrings18K Yellow Gold Mini Blossom Earrings
18K White Gold Large Blossom Earrings18K White Gold Large Blossom Earrings
Celestial 18K Rose Gold & Diamond EarringsCelestial 18K Rose Gold & Diamond Earrings
18K White Gold Mini Blossom Earrings18K White Gold Mini Blossom Earrings
14K Medium Petal Earrings14K Medium Petal Earrings
14K Small Petal Earrings Sale price$2,600
14K Large Petal Earrings
14K Large Petal Earrings Sale price$3,800
Cherry Blossom EarringsCherry Blossom Earrings
Cherry Blossom Earrings Sale price$1,450
Lumiere Peridot Round EarringsLumiere Peridot Round Earrings
Kyanite 8mm EarringsKyanite 8mm Earrings
Kyanite 8mm Earrings Sale price$1,400
Lumiere Amethyst Oval Earrings
Candy Tanzanite Butterfly Cabochon Earrings
Candy Rubellite & Pink Tourmaline Butterfly Cabochon Earrings
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Chrysoprase Carved Flower & Diamond Earring
Sold out
Flat Faceted Turquoise Earrings