About Us

Meet Clara

Years ago, newly graduated from Harvard’s MBA program, Clara forged a career in technology. But a deeply rooted passion for metalsmithing, discovered during her college years at Dartmouth College, resurfaced as a hobby. As friends and family began to take notice of her unique and versatile one-of-a-kind pieces, it was only natural that she embrace opportunity, and the Clara Williams Company was born. 

Nearly two decades later, Clara’s signature line of jewelry continues to flourish thanks to her style philosophy: the reflections of individuality and personal choice are key to feeling beautiful.


In a playful mix-and-match tradition we call Style-Mixology, our necklaces and earrings can be effortlessly transformed thanks to our signature design features: an ingenious magnetic clasp and clever shepherd’s hook. Stunning one-of-a-kind stones, jewels, mixed metals, and unusual treasures sourced from Clara’s travels can easily be interchanged to create one of many looks. Clara continues to drive the collection’s design process, creating unique pieces that stand out in a crowd — just like the women who wear them.

How To Wear Our Jewelry: